Kaolin Clay - For Face, Hair & Body Care

Kaolin Clay - For Face, Hair & Body Care

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Kaolin Clay is one of those fine clays which is friendly for all skin types. It is a soft and tender clay, and helps in gentle cleansing of pores. It can be used in face masks, hair masks or for body masks, to suck out dirt and bacterias.

Key Benefits-
It helps by unclogging pores by removing deposited impurities. This helps in preventing bacterial growth, curing bacterial growth and preparing skin to get the benefits of the skin / hair care regime.
It is a gentle cleanser, and helps with improving blood circulation in area of application. This helps in increasing skin elasticity and natural glow.
It is an extremely fine powder, and helps removing dead skin cells due to presence of minerals.


For Face/Body-

Take required amount of clay (alone or in combination of other clay, powder, etc), and activate it using a liquid medium of your choice (water, honey, curd, etc.)
Mix well, and apply it evenly on your face/body.
Let it sit for 5 minutes. (Avoid letting it completely dry for best results)
Dab some water on the application area, and wash off by massaging.
Follow up with hydrosol & moisturiser of your choice.

For Hair-

Add kaolin clay (around a teaspoon) to your hair masks (such as, blend of hibiscus powder, coconut powder, etc).
Activate it using liquid medium of your choice (such as, curd, water, herbal blend water, etc)
Mix well, and apply it on your hair (scalp/lengths)
Let it sit for 30 minutes. (Wear shower cap or plastic bag to avoid drying it completely)
Wash off using your shampoo.
Follow up with conditioner/serum/light-weight oil, etc of your choice.

Ingredients:- Kaolin Clay

Shelf Life:- Best before 12 months from date of packaging.

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