Spearmint Leaves Herb Tea [Edible]

Spearmint Leaves Herb Tea [Edible]

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Spearmint is the anti-oxidant rich herb, shown by various studies, to regulate hormonal balance and hence, help with irregular menstrual cycles and even PCOD/ PCOS. It also is known for its health benefits to gut health, body-mind relaxation and better sleep. 



Application of Spearmint Leaves-



As a tea to improve digestion-hormonal balance-relaxation: Brew a few dried leaves of spearmint in hot water for 5 minutes. Strain and enjoy. You may add sweetner or additives of your choice. It is known to improve digestion, reduce stress, enhances sleep quality, regulate menstrual cycles, etc.


As a taste enhancer for food items: Add spearmint leaves while you cook your curries or vegetables to enhance their taste. You may even add a few leaves to your fresh juices for infusion purposes, or may add them to your pasta or macroni sauce.


As face toner: Add some spearmint leaves to water and let it steep for a few hours. Spray it on your face as toner. You can even use cooled spearmint tea (without any sweetener/additives) for this purpose. Store it in refrigerator and use within 2-3 days.


As hair tea: Add some spearmint leaves to water and let it steep for a few hours, or take some cooled spearmint tea (without any sweetener/ additive). Use this to prepare your hair masks or last rinse after shampoo for shiny and mild aromatic hair.


As maceration to oils: Add some dried spearmint leaves to an airtight clean container. Pour the bottle with any carrier oil of your choice. Close it and keep it in warm sun for a week. Use this oil for your hair, face or consumption purposes, as applicable, within 2-3 months.


As aromatherapy- Add a few spearmint leaves to melted wax/ diffusers for aromatherapy. 


*Consume it twice a day for best results


Ingredients- Dried Spearmint Leaves

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